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We have some of the most experienced instructors in traditional karate and kobudo (weapons).
Most have trained and been graded in Okinawa - the home of karate. Each year a group of seniors either travel to Okinawa for training or we host senior instructors from Okinawa.

Murray Simpson Shihan

Chief Instructor 6th Dan Karate and 5th Dan Kobudo (weapons)

Experienced traditional Karate and Kobudo Instructor with over 35 years experience.  Has coached several World Champions in sport karate.  

He is also Chief Instructor and President for the Okinawakan Goju Ryu Karate International Association which has over 13,000 members in 12 countries, which he founded in March 2019.

He is directly affliated with Kiichi Nakamoto Hanshi's organisation, Goju Ryu Karate do Okinawakan Kyokai, which is based in Okinawa, Japan, as a Shibu Cho (offical branch).

Glen Falkenhaug Shihan

Senior Instructor 5th Dan Karate and 4th Dan Kobudo

James Fungavai Shihan

Senior Instructor 5th Dan Karate

Lorenzo Romano Sensei

Senior Instructor 4th Dan Karate

David Hardie-Neil Sensei

Instructor 3rd Dan Karate

Row Hope Sensei

Instructor 3rd Dan Karate

Experienced sport karate competitor




Only those currently training are listed. 

6th Dan

Murray Simpson

5th Dan

Glen Falkenhaug

James Fungavai

4th Dan

Rebekah Pokura-Ward

Massimo Martino

Lorenzo Romano

3rd Dan

David Hardie-Neil

Row Hope

Jonathan Hardie-Neil


Ni Dan

Fletcher Simpson

Ben Stevens

Ashley James

Maria O'Malley

Michael Holloway

Junior Ni Dan

Alfred Newns

Rachel Jakeman

Sho Dan

Spencer Simpson

David Parker

John Steemson

Adrian Ludlam

Junior Sho Dan

Mary-ann O'Malley

Kate Dryden

Isabella Newns

Bliss Wang

Nicholas Haworth

Moana Flores-Butterworth

Ayumi Moriyama - Picard

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