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We offer a broad range of Classes and Courses for our Members.  We are not just limited to Karate

Family Karate

These are one hour family friendly classes.  While they are mostly focused on kids we do encourage parents to participate with their child(ren) so it becomes a family activity.

Adult Karate

These are more demanding two hour classes aimed at Adults and Students. We focus on more detailed instruction in traditional karate with an emphasis on practical application more strength and conditioning training.

Sport Karate

These classes are for Members who want to take Sport Karate to the next level whether it is our Club events, regional, national or international level.

These classes are restricted to Members who are or do intend to compete regularly.

Kobudo Beginner

Kobudo is a traditional Okinawan weapons.  This is a one hour class covering introductory syllabus of learning how to handle and use various weapons (bo, tonfa and sai).

You don't need any prior martial arts training to start kobudo.  It can be done separate to karate. 

Kobudo Intermediate

This is a one hour class focused on more advanced kata and using a greater range of weapons.  We focus on the practical use (sparring) of the weapons.


Going beyond a focus on striking and blocking.  While karate includes throws, holds, locks and grappling which we cover in our karate class more advanced techniques are covered in our Akijujitsu Class.

What we offer


We offer a broad range of Courses for our Members

Sport Karate Introduction

Designed to give our Members a taste of Sport Karate kumite (sparring) and the type of training required to be competitive.  This is the first step in being introduced to our friendly club based tournaments which are held each month at our Club.

Jujitsu Introduction

Designed to give our Members a general idea of how to throw, apply locks and holds in common self defence situations.  Attendees also lear how to land safely if thrown or fall down

Kobudo Introduction

Designed to give our Members a taste of Kobudo in a safe learning environment.  The focus is learning how to handle a Bo (stick) which may become available to help in a self defence situation or be used by an attacker.

Womens Self Defence

Designed specifically for women covering a range of practical self defence techniques in a friendly fun environment.



Progress with some intensive instruction from our leading instructors

Got a Grading coming up or an important tournament and you want some extra help. Then get one of our Instructors to take you for some intensive one on one  training.

We have a number of instructors who can assist you with extra training on basic technique for Karate or Kobudo or to cover traditional or sport karate kata.

We like to help our Members to succeed or just to improve.


Most of our senior instructors have been graded in Okinawa - the home of Karate, by some of the most respected Karate and Kobudo Masters.



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