Ryukyu Kobujutsu
Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai
Soke Kiishi Nakamoto Hanshi 10th Dan (1927 - ).  Hanshi is the founder of the Ryukyu Dento
Kobujutsu Hozon and is a "Living Treasure" of Okinawa.

Hanshi is a direct student of Shosei Kina (1883 - 1981) and Shinei Kiyan (1912 - 1997).  On the
passing of Shinei Kiyan, Hanshi became Soke, or head, of the Kanagusuku Kobujutsu.

Kanagusuku Kobujutsu was founded by Sanda Kanagusuku "Ufuchiku" (1841 - 1926).
Kanagusuku was a police commissioner "Ufuchiku" which was also his nickname.  Often his style of
kobujutsu is referred to as the 'Ufuchiku Kobujutsu'.  .

Kobujutsu - weapons - we currently train with are:
  • Bo
  • Tonfa
  • Sai
Other weapons will be added in due course as instructors become sufficiently proficient with them
to be able to teach with some knowledge.

There are about 25 weapons that are used in the Kanagusuku style of kobujutsu.

There is a standard training syllabus which all students are introduced to, being:
  • kihon buri (basic swings/technique)
  • kata
  • kumite (ippon, pre set sparring and then free sparing)

Students are not introduced to Kobujutsu until they have done some basic karate training.  Kids
are generally restricted to learning the Bo until their karate is of high enough standard before
being introduced to other weapons.
Hanshi Kiishi Nakamoto 10 Dan
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