Karate Remuera
Two programmes to choose from:
Monday 18 April to Wednesday 20 April
Tuesday 26 April to Friday 29 April

Karate Remuera Club, 6 Papahia Street, Parnell

Morning:          9.00 am to 12.00 pm
Afternoon        12.30 pm to 3.30 pm
There will be regular breaks throughout the
morning and afternoon as well as low intensity
activities to ensure no one gets too tired.

Work on basic punches, blocks, kicks, throws,
basic self defence techniques,
Agility, speed and power training exercises,
Games and fun activities,
Activities designed for everyone including those
who have not done karate before,
For experienced members some advanced kumite
(sparring) drills and learn new kata with focus on
sport karate and doing well in 2016 tournaments,
Videos—movie or review top competitors

Enough snacks and plenty to drink there will be
morning and afternoon breaks.
Lunch if doing full day
Wear loose fitting clothes (track pants/shorts and t-
shirt)— karate uniform not necessary.  Can wear
karate pants with t-shirt.
Kumite gloves and shin guards.
How To Enrol
  1. Send in your completed application which
    you can download from this page
  2. We confirm your application has been
    accepted and the amount payable
  3. You then pay fee to confirm your place

The sessions would suit any child aged 7 years to
15 years.
Sessions are great for those STARTING as well as
EXPERIENCED karate– kids.
Sessions will be tailored for the level of those
attending.  Where possible experienced karate-ka
will be placed with new kids to help them.

Limited Places
Numbers will be limited so the sooner you have
your place confirmed the better.
Preference will be given to existing Club Members
and those competing in karate tournaments, but
only if they have sent in a completed Application

See the Application Form for complete details on
costs but a 3 - 4 day programme starts from $120 -
$160 for non club members and $100 - $120 for
existing club members.